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Real Estate Litigation
We provide legal representation for businesses throughout San Diego, Orange,
and Los Angeles Counties.  Our clients include real estate brokerages, agents,
contractors, and business owners of all types.  You can rest assured that it is
our goal to bring each matter to a successful conclusion as quickly and cost
effectively as possible.

We depend upon our ability to negotiate as attorneys in order to make a living.  
At our firm, we spend a great deal of time thinking about ways to improve our
overall proficiency as negotiators.  Most lawyers don't.  Nothing is more

Lawyers do not have the innate ability to negotiate.  However, most lawyers
are nevertheless adequate negotiators.  There is certainly nothing wrong with
adequate, but we are not satisfied with just getting by.  Much of negotiation is
based on common sense and accepted principles of psychology and human
behavior.  The bottom line is that their are principles of negotiation that work
and some that don't work.

Business people, corporate managers, governmental officials, contract
administrators, insurance adjusters, purchasing agents, and  a hundred other
nonlawyer occupational groups can benefit by utilizing our negotiation
expertise.  Our study and knowledge of basic negotiation principles  allows us
to handle our cases productively and efficiently.  We can save you from
potentially costly mistakes.  

Effective negotiation is essential to the success of any business enterprise or
individual endeavour. Despite this basic fact of life, these vital legal and life
skills are often overlooked. We are here to help you consistently get what you
want in any situation.
Estate Planning
As real estate values have skyrocketed so has the necessity for estate planning
to minimize estate taxes and to protect your family from the expensive and time
consuming probate process.  We will analyze your assets and advise you on an
appropriate course of action at no charge.  This may involve setting up living
trusts, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies and ancillary
documents to effectuate a proper estate plan.
In addition to legal services, our real estate company performs the full range of services for clients throughout
the San Diego and Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  We have real estate agents and loan specialists to
serve all of your residential and commercial real estate needs.
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