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Why is it critical to place properties into a land trust?

A land trust is one of the best asset protection devices
you can use. It provides privacy. If creditors cannot find
your assets they cannot levy your assets.

It provides legal protection. If someone is looking to sue,
there will be very little reason to do so if it appears that
you own very little in the way of assets.

A land trust can be important when utilizing creative
financing to purchase real estate.  It can allow for the
efficient transfer of property to a new owner while
utilizing existing financing.  However, if this is your
primary purpose, please ask the attorney about
obtaining a disclaimer for the seller of the property
because of violation of the due on sale clause in a deed
of trust.

We will guide you through the formation of a land
trust for $
749.  Let us know if you need a land trust
on a rush basis and we will happy to help you.  

If you would like to order a land trust please call us
at 619-322-5695 and speak with one of our

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