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Estate and Trust
Estate Planning
What things do I need to prepare before
discussing my estate plan?

Don't Worry!  The following information is all you
need to collect before meeting to discuss your
estate plan.  

1. Family Information - spouse, kids, grandkids,

2. Beneficiaries - family, friends, charities

3. List and Present Value of Assets - Stocks,
Bonds, Real Estate, Notes, Deeds of Trust,
Investment Accounts, Cash, Valuables, Vehicles,
Boats, Airplanes, RVs, Safe Deposit Boxes, IRAs,
Annuities, Deferred Comp Plans, Social Security,
pension plans, profit sharing plans, stock options,
Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Inheritances,
Beneficial Interest in Trusts

4. Medical Information - health status, desire for
resuscitation, powers of attorney, agents for
medical decision making

5. Professional Advisors - financial, accountants,
attorneys, insurance agents, other business

6. Business Interests - Agreements, Balance Sheet,
Buy-Sell Agreements, Ownership Interests

7. Personal Representatives - Executors,
Guardians, Conservators, Trustees

8. Desired Distribution of Assets - primary and
contingent beneficiaries

9. Possible Contestants

What are the goals for my Estate Plan?

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